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Club Canine Daily Pack Socials, Skill Building and Pack Therapy

Club Canine serves a need for owners who want well behaved and functional companion dogs in their lives while their canine family members also get the opportunity to enjoy:

Daily Pack Socials (Dog Day Care)

- Our approach to doggy daycare involves addressing the dogs over all wellness needs with what we consider to be best practices. This allows your dogs to safely socialize, exercise physically without practicing out of control behavior and stay mentally challenged. Building confidence and self-control through a curriculum of daily protocol that emphasizes safety, manners, cooperativeness including a host of physical skill building for early learning puppy development, helps build and maintain a balanced and stable companion.

Pack Therapy Program

- This utilizes highly skilled, confident and stable dogs to teach other dogs how to function in a cooperative setting. The stability of the group combined with strong human leadership, allows for a once unstable dog, the opportunity to socialize in a safe and controlled setting.

Skill Building

- This helps teach dogs things like how to share chew articles rather than possess them and how to be a good loser at games like tug.

Puppy Partners

- Uses both human leaders and highly skilled senior dogs as teachers to those little ones who require guidance. This sets the stage for preventing undesirable behavior from being learned and practiced.

These programs continued beyond that setting to allow all dogs the opportunity to become successful in social interaction, behavior and manners through our unique approach.

Temperament Testing

- Many doggy day cares utilize temperament tests for qualifying dogs for social interaction, if your dog fails this temperament test, your dog is just out of luck.

We understand that dogs NEED the social activity but don’t possess the skills or emotional stability to participate. By getting involved with your dog using The Thinking Dog Training System, we can help your dog develop enough confidence that they begin to participate in the Pack Therapy program. Over time, your dog will then move fully into Pack Socials.

Home Style Overnights

- Our home style overnights are designed to provide your dog with the feel of home. The living environment possesses a living room, kitchen area, bath rooms and both indoor and outdoor areas for play, training games and exercises. If you’re training your companion dog with us, they will have the same rules and structure as is being taught in your home so the consistency is maintained. They will also be submerged in learning as part of a larger group. This is a great advantage for those dogs that don’t have other dogs at home and learn how to be part of a canine team as well as a partner with their owner.

If you’re looking for a more personalized setting for your dog as opposed to the traditional housing of dogs, this might be for you. No excessive, stressful barking, one on one handling if needed and regular social interaction with other dogs if qualified. In addition, we keep those active dogs, busy with activities and games.

In addition, we maintain small group settings. Typical numbers range between 3 and 10. This allows us to provide more personalized one on one attention where needed and minimize stress.

Training and Behavior Consult

- The Training and Behavior Consult is the first step in training your dog. It brings together all family members living with the dog for the purpose of functioning as a team. Family members must be on the same page in order for our dogs to efficiently learn. Helping educate owners on understanding the dogs “needs” becomes essential so he can meet yours for an enjoyable relationship.

This in home consult works as a platform for needed education, exercises and techniques that will begin to connect or reconnect owners with their dogs.

Some of the topics covered include:

•  Canine System of Communication- This is key to preventing mixed messages so that learning for both dog and owner can be maximized.

•  Understanding current behaviors, how to foster desirable behavior and how to prevent undesirable behavior from being learned

•  Employing a structured management program to follow

•  Out line of specific exercises, and techniques for building confidence

•  Vocabulary to begin practicing for improved communication, control and harmonious living.

These are the first steps towards a balanced relationship with your dog. Once this consult has been conducted, it may be followed up with detailed private lessons until handler and dog possess enough skill to transition into a group class if desired.

 Training Classes

Thinking Dog Manners
(for dogs with no previous training and no aggression) Includes
The Art of Praise, Leash Technique, Concepts of Attention, Curbing, Off, Close and Quiet. Prep for AKC Canine Good Citizen title.

Thinking Dog Family Obedience Dog
(Will prepare dogs and handlers to take the CGC test or Family Obed. Dog test) Includes all Manners exercises plus, full Attention Exercise, Heeling, About Turns, Auto Sits, 1 minute Stays under distraction, Recall under distraction.
Approx. 2X Per Week.

Performance Puppy
(for puppies 3 to 6 months. Precursor for Family Obedience Dog and performance sports preparation). 6 wks. 1X per. Week.

Fetch It!
(Requires dog and handler to have proper foundation work)

Introduction to Rally
(Must have completed Obedience Foundation Class)

Rally Competition I, II, III

Introduction to Competition Obedience
Obedience Novice, Open, Utility -

Specialty Classes
These are announced periodically.

We are currently offering Swim Lessons, Group Swims, and Individual Swims though Oct.

Call us for details!


Purchase of a Membership is not required to take classes, workshops, or to use our daycare services. However, if you will be using the facility more than 3 times a month for practice and also will be taking a class or using daycare or boarding, purchasing a membership will save you money.

Note: Refunds are not given after the first class. Details about our refund policy can be found in training contract.

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