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Welcome to Club Canine

Welcome to Club Canine

CC CGC Students and WallWelcome to Club Canine, Where  Quality Of Life With Your Companion Counts:
With an innovative approach to the traditional wisdom’s of doggy day care and boarding since 2001, Club Canine utilizes these services as a vehicle for teaching early puppy development, behavior rehabilitation/ training and the fostering of healthy social interaction and play with other dogs and people. Consistent life rules between home and away care is an essential component for stable, cooperative behavior and ENJOYABLE relationships. Doesn’t it just make sense to leave your dog in a stimulating and structured learning environment, one that feels and looks like home while you’re at work or on vacation?

Having an established standard for you and your dog to meet defines a true level of safety and cooperativeness in your dog. Our standard is part of what sets us apart from other similar services and is consistent with with both AKC and UKC outlines for Canine Good Citizen, CGC Advanced as well as AKC Beginner Novice level and the United Kennel Clubs Family Obedience Dog test. While ALL our instructors have achieved  more advanced levels than the above mentioned, at a competitive professional level of judging both the handler and the dog, it’s what qualifies them to help you be successful with your dog. If instructors have never been professionally evaluated and judged to a standard  of behavior and obedience dependability with their own dogs, can they really help teach it to YOU?

Once enrolled in The Thinking Dog Training System, we can help you maintain seamless consistency of the established standard while providing your dogs with our versions of traditional services like our Puppy Partners program, Pack Socials and Pack Behavior Therapy for those dogs who are in the process of  re-learning how to be social with other dogs. Our programs help facilitate all dogs and owners to be successful and have safe, dependable and enjoyable relationships with their dogs. As well this continuity is continued in our Stay Over service. So whether your just returning from a day of work or a 2 week vacation, your assured that you and your dogs training efforts have not been undone, only to further push you away from meeting your goals. Give us a call, we’d love to help you, help your dogs.

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