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Club Canine- Dog Training with a Difference!

Club Canine- Dog Training with a Difference!

Club Canine Houston group obedience class


Canine Obedience Training Rooted in Praise

If you’re looking for a well mannered, well-behaved dog, we can HELP you.

  • Have you tried other training programs that failed to provide lasting results?

  • Would you like your dog to be dependable in distracting situations?

  • Are you suffering because your dog suffers from social or behavior issues and lack of manners?

  • Have a new puppy and want to get started right so you don’t waste time and money?

 Helping you learn how to become an effective leader and teacher for your dog

Is What We do.

Club Canine has had an innovative approach to the traditional services of doggy day care and boarding since 2001. We use these services as a vehicle for teaching early puppy development, obedience training as well as behavior rehabilitation. And the fostering of healthy social interaction and play with other dogs and people.

Consistent life rules between home and away care is essential  for stable, cooperative behavior and ENJOYABLE relationships.