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Jeremy Fussell

Jeremy Fussell

Jeremy and Angus 1st. Pl. Nov.A Navasota

Jeremy Fussell has become one of our staple class room instructors. Jeremy started with Club Canine as a student who had the daunting task of rehabilitating his 110lb., human aggressive German Shepherd. At only 15mo. old, Jeremy and his wife had been through 3 different training approaches, all of which did nothing more than further their dogs ever growing aggressive behavior towards most people he wasn’t around as a puppy.

After about 9mo. worth of proper coaching and training to undo the behavioral mess that had been created at the instruction of others, Angus was back to being a confident dog who was dependable and safe around all people and dogs in whatever setting Jeremy and his wife needed him to function in.

After taking a few months off from training, Jeremy Fussell purchased another GSD female named Rush. Back to work they went with both dogs. This time they got started right with Rush and Jeremy decided he would advance Angus in his obedience skills, cleaning up his foundation work and starting in on Rally Obedience. After some great class room success, Jeremy Fussell got the itch to start competing with Angus. First in AKC Rally Novice Obedience along with Beginner Novice.

After scoring with outstanding marks and multiple first place finishes,it was time to really step up their game and enter into the Novice A obedience class. Jeremy and Angus scored three consecutive 1st place finishes, the first with a 197.5 followed by two more 190+ scores out of 200 to earn their Companion Dog title.

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