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Don Miller

Don Miller

Don Miller has trained dogs with the family dating back to the mid 1980′s in Southern Calif. As an initial student needing to rehabilitate his 100+ Doberman, Ted, who had severe dog aggression, and his Chow Chow, Dutches,  who also had dog aggression. Don initially learned directly under Bud Brownhill in what was then referred to as the Brownhill Basics of  dog training. As time went on, the program evolved and Bud started the K9 Institute of Behavior Therapy and Obedience, a school for the training of trainers and creator of The Thinking Dog.

As the owner of a successful construction business, Dons interest in training dogs grew. He spent a couple years working and training his own dogs to competition level and nights and week ends assisting Bud in the instruction of students in classes and private lessons. He was one of the first to successfully attend and graduate from the K9 Institute as a Certified Trainer in the fundamentals and philosophy of a proven dog training system for helping owners save the lives of and train their dogs and puppies to a reliable standard. This tutelage and apprenticing took place over about 4 years to learn the art and science to the craft.

Over a span of about 15 years,  Don continued honing his skills with all breeds of dogs as he worked with Bud, running classes, conducting private lessons, behavioral aggression rehabilitation and many behavioral evaluations of dogs involved in legal court cases. Don also assisted a couple other established trainers in the Southern Calif. area who had adopted the Brownhill Basics of Obedience as their curriculum, who required qualified assistance for instructing their students as well.

Over those 15+ years, Don fostered and rehabilitated severe behavior and aggression disorders in many dogs that crossed his path long before “rescuing”dogs was popular. After the process of making them whole again, he either re-homed them or kept them as one more of his personal pack. Among these were breeds such as Akitas, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Chow Chows, Dobermans, Spitz and small Terriers of varying varieties.

After a 10 year hiatus from training dogs regularly so he could maintain in home care for both his elderly parents who suffered from Alzheimers, Don is now here in Houston to add even more  training and handling depth to our staff. We are so lucky to have a member of our team who brings so much experience to the table for both our clients and our younger staff and trainers who are learning their craft with excellence.

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