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Doggie Daycare Guidelines

Doggie Daycare Guidelines

The Club Canine Pack Socials, Pack Behavior Therapy and our Puppy Partners programs provide a unique opportunity for approved dogs to not only romp and play with other dogs but to learn as well. This activity offers valuable socialization, skill building, regular exercise, and fun… which can have a very positive impact on your canine companions’ behavior, stress level and overall health.  Listed below are the guidelines that all owners need to know.  Please remember that these daycare guidelines may be changed or amended at any time without notice. 

Approval Process: To be qualified, candidates must be not be aggressive or extremely dominant, without being enrolled in the Thinking Dog Training system and approved by qualified personnel to take part in the Pack Behavior Therapy program. Dog(s) must be current on required vaccinations, and using an effective flea & tick preventative. Our staff will contact owners to schedule their pet’s Social Evaluation after receiving the completed application forms and vaccination records. The Social Evaluation assesses the social skills of potential new pets by gradually introducing them to our approved daycare dogs.  A pet may be evaluated while it is lodging at Club Canine as long as the Social Evaluation application has been submitted and the Social Evaluation appointment has been scheduled prior to the pet’s arrival for lodging.

Probation: Pets approved for Pack Socials, Pack Behavior Therapy and Puppy Partners programs are always considered “on probation” since their behavior can change. If their social skills become unsuitable at any time, their privileges can be modified or suspended. Similarly, pets who have not participated in Pack Socials for over 45 days will be re-introduced to the pack and monitored closely for any behavior changes. If their behavior has changed such that it imposes a safety risk to other pets or themselves, they may have their privileges modified or suspended.Hours of Operation: Pack Socials runs from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday for pets whose humans are in town. Pets can be dropped off anytime between 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. and all pets must be picked up by 7:00 p.m. unless they are lodging overnight.  Pets who are lodging overnight will get full-day sessions in Pack Socials after they have been approved for group play.  Pack Socials is also available on weekends for pets who are lodging overnight.  Please contact us for more information regarding specific needs.Social Time: Pets will enjoy approximately 6-7 hours of social play in play, training and social interaction each day, depending upon the dog/puppy and program it’s enrolled in. Pets are given the opportunity to rest for 2 hours at mid-day in accordance with the dog daycare guidelines of the Pet Care Services Association. 

Feeding: We do not recommend that pets eat anything substantial during the day due to the high level of physical activity during Doggie Daycare, and we do not offer feedings for daycare pets. Pet owners should realize that the risk of life-threatening “bloat” (i.e., Gastric Dilation and Volvulus) increases when dogs participate in vigorous activity within 1 hour after feeding…. especially for large or deep-chested breeds. Owners who feed their pets in the morning before Doggie Daycare should feed their pets before 6:00 a.m.

Flea & Tick Preventative: Since fleas and ticks are easily transmitted from pet to pet, and since daycare pets at Club Canine enjoy frolicking and rolling in our Pocket Dog Park, we require owners to treat their pets religiously with a veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventative. In addition, we strongly encourage regular administration of a heartworm preventative due to the highly active nature of Doggie Daycare.

Dirty Dogs: One of the benefits of Doggie Daycare at Club Canine is playing in our Pocket Dog Park. As a result, some pets will get dirty (especially on rainy days) while romping and rolling in the grass and swimming in our pool. Our daycare staff will do their very best to clean up dirty pets before they are picked up by the owners. However, owners should understand that the primary role of our daycare staff is to supervise their dog. For your convenience, Club Canine can make available our groomer to provide a thorough bath or full service groom before sending pets home as an exit service. The fee for these services will vary by dog. Please let us know upon drop off if you require this service or you may call by lunch to schedule for possible same day or future appointment in addition to confirming cost.

Other Important Notes:

  • When dropping off your pet for Doggie Daycare, do not open the inside gate or door that leads to the pets’ play areas.  A staff member will meet you at the gate or door to accept your pet.
  • For your dog’s protection, all dogs must be on leash when dropping off or picking up a pet from Doggie Daycare.
  • Owners can arrange to have friends or relatives pick up their dog, but owners must inform our daycare staff in advance before we will allow any other person to take home a pet which is not theirs.
  • In order to maintain the facilities and Dog Park in good condition, Club Canine reserves the right to temporarily limit or suspend daycare activity from time to time.


Reservations:  Reservations are now required for pets to participate in daycare.

(A) Standing Reservation: Pets with Standing Reservations have reservations for a specific day (or days) of the week. The pet attends daycare on the same day (or days) of each consecutive week on an ongoing basis. By special arrangement a limited number of bi-weekly standing reservations may be available. A requirement for clients who request a Standing Reservation is the purchase of a “daycare pass” which will be kept on file at the front desk and “punched” each time the pet attends daycare.

(B) Daily Call-In: Occasionally, a pet with a Standing Reservation is not able to come to daycare on its designated day, which leaves an “open slot” for that one day. Owners of approved pets (with or without standing reservations) may call Club Canine at 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and leave a message inquiring about daycare availability for that day. If a space is available, CC will contact the owner by 7:30 a.m. A daycare pass is not required for Daily Call-ins.  (Note: Pets who are brought to CC without first receiving a confirmation call from our staff may be turned away)(C) Daycare While Lodging:   Pets approved for Doggie Daycare may participate in daycare when they are staying at CC overnight.   Dogs booked in for overnights will not have days deducted from their regular multi day pass.

Regarding Standing Reservations: By scheduling a standing reservation, owners ensure that their pet will be able to attend Doggie Daycare each week. Here are our policies regarding standing reservations:

  • Standing reservations are only available for customers who pre-purchase a daycare pass. Daycare passes make payment convenient, and save you money on frequent use.
  • Standing reservations are specific to the individual day of the week that is scheduled, and CC does not offer standing reservations less frequently than once per week.  Owners may be allowed to “permanently” change the specific day of their reservation if a slot is available on a different day.
  • Standing reservations and/or daycare passes cannot be shared among pets of different families.
  • Owners are required to call the CC front desk in advance to let us know if their pet must miss its scheduled day in daycare. If 3 appointments are missed without advance notice, or if a pet frequently misses its scheduled reservation with advance notice, the owner will have two options: (a) release their standing reservation to another customer or (b) keep their standing reservation and agree to pay for each scheduled day in Doggie Daycare, regardless of whether or not the pet attends.


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