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Dallas Trull

Dallas Trull



Dallas TrullĀ has over 10 years experience working with and handling dogs of all breeds and temperament in a kennel environment as lead tech and management. In addition, Dallas has also spent the last five years performing grooming duties, initially learning to groom by a top AKC conformation competitor who’s dogs have won at Madison Square Gardens.

Dallas TrullĀ has been a student and an apprentice in the Thinking Dog Training System since 2011. His innate ability to understand the particular dogs training needs and apply it correctly makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Dallas has titled his own personal dogs in Beginner Novice Obedience with 3 consecutive 190+ scores and 3 podiums to earn his title, Rally Novice Obedience, with all first place place finishes as well and in the Novice A Obedience ring, earning 2 legs of his title back to back with a high score of 193.5. Dallas continues to work to earn his Companion Dog title as well as moving on to higher levels of obedience to continue being judged for his skills and abilities by top notch American Kennel Club Obedience Judges.

Dallas’ commitment to learning his craft has also earned him the lead position at Club Canine as our learning dog day care(Pack Socials, Pack Behavior Therapy and Puppy Partners) manager. In This setting, Dallas continuously cares for and works with the dogs in their needed disciplines and social interactions as well as helping teach the ones with not so good social skills and the puppies who require clarity in healthy and proper play, manners and puppy skill building. This responsibility has lead Dallas to also assisting in the teaching of students and their dogs in a group setting. His learned abilities in teaching his own dogs in proper basics to a level of excellence and working with client dogs, allows him to communicate and help transfer his skills and knowledge to our beginner students so they too become capable in proper handling skills and clear communication for their own dogs. In addition, Dallas is an intricate part of helping students meet their goals with the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy curriculum and testing along with assisting in AKC Canine Good Citizen testing

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