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Caroline Boatman

Caroline Boatman

Caroline Boatman is our all around gate keeper here at CC. She wears all hats from public relations and front office organization to Pack Socials floor manager and dog handler extraordinaire. She has played an intricate role in helping Club Canine from its inception.


Caroline & Lucy earn 1st. Pl. with a 198 in Novice Obedience

Caroline & Lucy earn 1st. Pl. with a 198 in Novice Obedience


Caroline has owned dogs since childhood. Growing up in a rural area of South Texas, training was not really something that was done formerly. As long as the dog was good with the kids and didn’t run away, it was a relationship that was acceptable.

After graduating from Texas A&M as a science major and earning two degrees, Caroline has successfully operated three and continues to own two, custom interior tropical landscape companies and a custom high end flower business.

Through early adulthood, Caroline also owned a Schnauzer who had severe aggression disorders and could never find the right help to successfully solve these issues. Her dog eventually passed of old age at which time she soon adopted Lily. Lily is a miniature Yorkshire Terrier with a BIG personality. After about two years of maturity with Lily, Caroline began to see signs of unstable behavior. Soon after, she began to work with Lily through the Thinking Dog System and solved these issues successfully.

It wasn’t long before Caroline rescued an infant pup from a trash dumpster. The little dog was being thrown away by an individual who claimed the dog belonged to his brother who was no longer available to take care of the pup and he didn’t want it at his house anymore. This little dog who had a very demanding personality, grew into a 60lbs. Pit Bull X named Lucy. Lucy has had a considerable amount of training put into her up to competition level and is constantly used as a Club Canine ambassador and a testament to the training program at public relation events and  demonstrations.

Caroline and Lucy most recently competed at the Reliant World Series of Dogs show in July. They earned their first to legs of their title with scores of 198 and 198.5 out of 200. Both judges were thoroughly impressed with their performance, making statements to the other competitors and audience that they will be a force to be reckoned with in their competitive career. Not a bad way to start.

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