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Bud Brownhill

Bud Brownhill

Gone to the Dogs Training

Gone to the Dogs Training


Bud Brownhill, “North America’s Winningest Trainer” through out the 1980’s and 90’s is the creator of The Thinking Dog System™. As the pioneer of this unique and evolving system, Dogs California Training was established in Orange County, California in 1982 and still continues to grow.


As a youngster originating from Ontario, Canada, Bud was an avid outdoors-man, constantly learning about many animals and the unique ways in which they learned. Over time, Bud applied the knowledge he’d learned and intuition, to the teaching, training and utilizing of skills of many groups and breeds of dogs from terriers and hounds to gun dogs and herding breeds.

Recognizing his passion and innate ability to clearly communicate with these animals, Mr. Brownhill went to college to become formerly educated in “Dogs as a Profession”. Over many years of training dogs as a hobby, he brought his skills to Southern California in 1980. Mr. Brownhill continued to hone his skills, helping people with their every day pet dogs and specializing in the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs that otherwise would have had to be euthanized.

After many accomplishments in and out side the obedience ring, many sought out Bud’s proven system. He started the Institute of Canine Behavior Therapy, training others to become certified dog trainers of this system throughout North America. Dogs California continues to provide behavior and obedience services throughout the country by a select number of associates who have achieved this certified status.

Mr. Brownhill has currently contributed 50+ years of experience to his field of endeavor. Utilizing his unique “Brownhill Basics” of obedience, a proven skill building approach for developing dogs and their owners, he has trained and saved the lives of thousands of dogs through prevention and rehabilitation. All this through a precisely balanced and coached curriculum of lifestyle adjustments, communication techniques, exercises and nutrition that function together in what is now known as The Thinking Dog Learning System.

Mr. Brownhill is and continues to be recognized by Marquis’ “Who’s Who” in the West, America and the World since 1993 for his great achievements in and for the field of “Dogs as a Profession”. Currently he is the Chairman and defined the training curriculum to be met for Heart Therapy Service Dogs Int., a non-profit organization promoting and training Service Dogs for Cardiac patients. Mr. Brownhill is also a professional legal consultant on Dog Bite and Canine aggression prevention, both in and out of the courtroom.

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