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Basic Obedience Standards Allow Students to Compete in Obedience Competitions, Take First Place!

Jeremy Fussell and Angus 1st. Place Novice A NavasotaThe spring and summer obedience competitions are in full swing and Club Canine obedience students are there to represent their hard work and efforts with their dogs. By applying set of true basic obedience standards for the every the day companion dog, Jeremy and Angus just finished their first leg of their Companion Dog title with a score of 195.0 out of 200.0. Not bad for their first time in the Novice A. ring.

At Club Canine, our teaching of a proper set of basic(Novice)obedience standards, as defined by the AKC(American Kennel Club) and the UKC(United Kennel Club) should provide you and your dog with a set of skills for cooperativeness and reliability in a real world situation. We feel putting these teachings to the test by experienced judges is our ONE true way of measuring what level of results we are capable of providing our clients vs other trainers and their abilities. Don’t be fooled by many with initials after their name, recognizing them “Certified”. Most of these certifications are KA(Knowledge Accessed) and have had NO practical testing in a qualified setting by proven judges, only by paid membership through a private, for profit company.

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